About Us

The location of the Danube region at the crossroads of major international routes from Europe to Asia contributes to the development potential of the transport complex, which includes the ports of Izmail and Reni, Izmail shipyards and Kilie, State shipping company “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, railway stations and road transport companies.
In the transport node of the region by transmission and distribution of goods between different transport modes.

Currently, about 75% of all freight in the world performed by freight forwarding companies that provide transport of goods, not being a carrier.
Freight forwarding company in conjunction with the ship owners organized service for transportation of goods, which allows you to fully release the cargo from the concerns of the organization of transport.

Our company has long standing links with the partners involved in transportation: freight forwarding companies, owners of the vehicles. Using a wealth of experience in organization of cargo transportation and strong relationships with transportation companies, we are able to delivery your goods at the optimum time and at low prices.

You can always get professional advice about the freight-forwarding services for our employees.

Knowledge and experience of our staff allow to plan and organize cargo the most effective and timely manner, while ensuring that always optimal results, which is the guarantee of mutual cooperation.

We understand that the client should receive highly professional and competitive service, so we try to always offer a service that at least a little, but better than the competition. Particularly highly valued relationship of trust with the client, we carefully preserve, value and develop.

Factors of our success and competitiveness:

* Wide geography partnerships
* Reliance on advances in information technology
* Friendly close-knit team, aiming for the best result
* Organic interaction with the client at all stages – from the application and ending with the delivery of the goods.

The main resource of the enterprise:

* Professionalism
* Experience
* Long-standing business relationships with carriers, surveyors and insurance companies.

Thank you for your interest in our company, and we hope that our cooperation will help you to solve a number of complex issues in the delivery of your goods.