Agency and Chartering

Ship agency – full service fleet with the arrival at the port – one of the pillars of private enterprise “Marinex.

Every owner, carrying out maintenance of the fleet when visiting ports, faced with a delay of processing vessel awaiting clearance, transit documents, the order of procedure of opening / closing of the border.
All these factors adversely affect his mood and, most importantly – economic indicators.
One of the main divisions of our company – the agency department is designed to eliminate these negatives.

In our active:
Stable, long work experience.
Annual maintenance to 500 non-propelled fleet and about 120 lobbyists and self-propelled vessels.
An experienced professional team.
Clock information service.

The services provided by agents of the company:

– Representing and protecting the interests of the shipowner;
– Execution of orders and orders the ship’s administration when parked at the port;
– Reservation of berths
– Providing courts with tugs
– Organization of the pilotage service
– Registration of arrival and departure of ships
– Design of ship and cargo documents, payment of duties and port charges;
– Organization of supplying fuel, water, food;
– Garbage, sewage and bilge water from ships with the issuance of certificates;
– Informing about the customs, rules and regulations binding the ports of Izmail and Reni
– Implementation of port, border, customs and other formalities associated with
arrival, stay of the vessel at the port and its departure;

Range of services is constantly growing. Our regular customers we often provide the most complete personal assistance that goes beyond the ordinary brokerage contract, which eventually goes to plus both sides, because strengthens the position of the tandem at the port.

You can fill out a request for agency services in the shortest possible time to get pro forma disbursement account for a ship calling at the ports of Izmail and Reni

You can contact us by any way convenient for you, using information on the Contacts page.