Survey services

Established contacts of our company allows us to attract cargo handling company surveyor.
We can arrange for the presence of independent observers, who will give you a report on the number and condition of the cargo. The report includes, among other things, pictures of the goods in digital form. If they found any damage, report the surveyor will submit a claim to the carrier.

Services provided by surveyor companies:

* Quantitative Inspection of goods: counting the number of loaded / discharged cargo vessel draft (draft survey method);
* Execution tally during unloading of wagons, loaded on a ship;
* Present at check-weighing of cars;
* Determining the amount of bulk cargo through surveying.
* The inspection of cargo to / during / after cargo operations:
* Inspection of the state of packaging, labeling during handling;
* Inspection of sealing / rasplombirovki hold closings, railroad tank cars, wagons, containers, securing / fastening of cargo;
* Inspection of cargo spaces before or after the loading / unloading operations;
* Production photos and video to accompany any of the above inspections.
* The inspection of goods quality (visual inspection, identification of cargo

sampling and analysis):

* Input quality control of goods at entry to the warehouse (unloading from cars, ships);
* Quality control of goods in the warehouse (stack, the storage tank);
* Quality control of cargo during the loading (in the boat, cars, etc.).